i'm a DIVA (:

it's a pink sunday !

in a blue moon

you look gold !

let's mix and match

dare to wear pink ?

dusty grey in casual

hello princess ! the royal yellow (:

wanna look wild ?

pink again ?

wear this & say hii to the guys !

turn 360 and let's look soft !

luxury & elegant

the gorgeous turqouise

rock but feminine

less is MORE

slimmer & taller

a girl in purple

the zebra in pink

it's all about dare to wear

credit to carib muslimah

style tips : sunglasses

The Cat Eye

The Oversized

The John Lennon

credit to aquila asia

Celebrity shades

Vanessa Hudgens

Kate Walsh

Kate Perry

Lindsay Lohan

credit to millionlook

shawl & inner CLERANCE !

hiii guys ,

stock CLEARANCE utk SHAWL & INNER dh sampai!

apa tunguuuuuuuuuu lagi ?


1- RM5

2- RM9

p/s : inner kain lycra ok, not cotton (: